In the village wines category, we offer wines produced according to biodynamic principles that express the excellence of the Ingelheim terroir. Our favourite grape varieties in this segment are Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir. A yield reduction appropriate to the challenges of the respective vintages and conscientious manual work in every detail guarantee impressive and particularly lasting wine experiences. This is how Ingelheim's local wines are created, which self-confidently present an exceptional origin. They are wines of strong character and moderate to light alcohol, shaped by individual terroir – unmistakable and probably better than ever before.

This is our Ingelheim Pinot Noir, a local wine of the new generation. The old vines stand in a south and southwest facing plot and extract with their root system the vineyard soil, which is strongly interspersed with lime weathering. The result is maximally reduced, dynamic and powerful.

Single site wines

Our single vineyard sites are among the best that Ingelheim has to offer. In the category of single-vineyard wines, we offer wines from renowned and quantitatively limited single vineyards. Ingelheim's top vineyards Pares, Horn, Auf dem Haun and Heerweg are unique terroirs whose soils are characterised by maximum lime content resp. carbonate content (above 70%). With our Chardonnay we love to work on clay soil, too, which can be found in our site Lohpfad. When differentiating the individual plots, we follow the naturally occurring vertical and horizontal limestone formations. The different lime proportions of the soils in combination with our biodynamic farming methods and yeast storage taken to extremes produce distinctive, lively and complex Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays, which are characterised by fantastic longevity and often only show their very best side after many years.

Unmistakable, lively, complex Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays.

Lohpfad The Lohpfad vineyard is located in the Ingelheim Schlossberg and faces southeast. Its geological composition is characterised by clay marl in the subsoil with a loess loam layer. Our Chardonnay grows on this site, its roots absorbing information from the subsoil and resulting in a spectacular white wine characterised by lush minerality and a mysterious saltiness.
Heerweg On the opposite slope of the Lohpfad on the so-called Mainzer Berg lies the Heerweg plot. Facing west, it yields a charming, warm, relatively early-accessible Pinot Noir, which we have been fermenting entirely with stems and stalks for years and with growing enthusiasm. Due to the positive effect of this trick, we are convinced that the vine wood contributes to the differentiation of the terroir, refines the tannin structure and further increases the depth and complexity of this wonderful Pinot Noir.
Auf dem Haun This vineyard is located above the Heerweg in the highest part of the slope, which has an extremely calcareous soil with 75% limestone rock in the subsoil - that is an absolute top value. The Pinot Noir here is correspondingly cool, puristic, clear and sparse in the best Burgundian sense. We also ferment this wine with stems and stalks. It is a Pinot Noir that needs an extraordinary amount of time to develop, but patience is rewarded every year. Auf dem Haun delivers the most elegant Pinot Noir of our winery.
Horn Our vineyard is located in the upper third of the classified Große Lage Ingelheimer Horn. The soil here is not only characterised exclusively by lime, but also has a silt layer that allows the vines balance in growth and physiology. The Pinot Noir from this site is very multi-faceted and has a complex flavour profile; it is full of finesse and leaves an elegant impression. Our first wine from this beautiful top vineyard will be released at the end of 2022.
Pares Historically, Ingelheim's best-known site is Pares, which is characterised by abundant limestone and polish. Our plot is a filet piece in the middle of this excellent site. It lay fallow for 30 years, no trace of vines, only blackberries and bushes. In all the years of Sleeping Beauty's sleep, a veritable forest had grown up, which we cleared in painstaking work in order to finally reclaim this enchanted terroir. The result of our efforts is a grandiose starting point for the newly planted vines: A perfectly structured soil bursting with vitality that promotes the multi-layered quality we strive for in our Pinot Noir: Fruit, complexity and structured tannin. Due to decades of dormancy, our plot has a naturally formed, thick humus layer that gives the vines plenty of positive vitality. This vitality not only benefits the entire microcosm of this exceptional parcel, but also finds a colossal echo in the Pinot Noir that we cultivate here out of full enthusiasm for high-end red wine from Ingelheim.