Ingelheim is located in the northern part of the Mainz Basin, where vast amounts of Tertiary limestone weathering were layered on top of each other around 50 million years ago. This is how one of the most limestone-dominated wine landscapes in Rheinhessen came into being. We live and work here, right in the middle of it. This extraordinary geological formation forms the basis of our terroir. Charles the Great, Charlemagne, already recognised this excellent situation and settled the Pinot grape in Ingelheim from the French region of Burgundy about 1100 years ago. Our full attention and passion belong to this dream team, the Burgundy family around the great Pinot Noir and the limestone formations of world renown.

There has never been a land consolidation in Ingelheim. Our unique wine landscape has only ever been worked within the framework of its agricultural use; the terrain has never been pushed with excavators or filled with topsoil. What others may consider an omission is for us an absolute stroke of luck and very rare in this way. Seen in this light, our Ingelheim soil relief is a true original. To this day, it represents one of the wine landscapes in Rheinhessen that is most strongly characterised by lime weathering. For this reason, we are able to work out real differences that result directly from our terroir. This is what distinguishes Adam's wines.

To this day, our Ingelheim soil relief represents one of the wine landscapes most strongly characterised by lime weathering.

The small parcelling of our vineyards is particularly conducive to the implementation of our idea of natural, emphatic viticulture. We are constantly adding our impressions and newly acquired knowledge to the methodology in the vineyards and the cellar. This is an open process. In this way, we refine our perspective on soils and vines, but also subject our methods to constant monitoring in order to gain new room for manoeuvre. The result is fine wines that combine our gain in biodynamic knowledge and careful craftsmanship.

To give even more importance to our local terroir, we offer both village wines and single site wines. For all Adams wines, it goes without saying that we carry out vineyard care and all other work according to biodynamic principles and the rules of regenerative viticulture.